Sunday, July 3, 2011


There have been times when I have felt like a failure of a mom.

There are other times where I actually feel like I live up to the term supermom.

But how do my kids see me?

There the only ones that truely matter.

Landon is in love with spiderman.

It is all he watches on TV.

Thanks to his friend Baylee being obsessed and then his dad DVRing episode after episode, Little Bear got put on the back burner.

He now pretends he is Spiderman.

So he was jumping from the couch to the ottoman to the couch to the ground..

you get the idea..

pretend shooting his webs and fighting off the bad guys.

When he jumped passed me I grabbed him and said,

"I love you Spiderman."

He said, "Aww I love you too FireStar."

(FireStar is the female Superhero in one of the spiderman shows he watches).

Now I can take this 2 ways.


It meant nothing.


It meant he thinks of me as a Superhero.

By his side.


Yes, I chose #2.

I am Supermom.

So, then I say.. what about Iceman?

"Daddy is Iceman."


What about Baby?

"hmm........ Baby is the bad guy."


Poor baby.

Get ready for some play fights to come.

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