Friday, July 15, 2011

Perfect Family Days

We have these a lot.

Today after breakfast we asked Landon what he wanted to do today.

After his usual "go to (insert his favs here) house,"

he said, "go to the library."


It was the perfect weather for a bike ride to the library.

At the library we played games on the computer..

even Gavin was into it.

Landon's first book request was of course Spiderman. We read through books, looked through the used books and movies for sale, which Matt had to get a few and then headed to cold stone to get Landon and Gavin a treat.Landon chose vanilla on an ice cream cone.Matt took a detour on our bike ride to Ross and bought the kids a spiderman slip and slide that they got to play with after naptime.We had dinner, the perfect summertime dinner.

BBQ chicken, watermelon and corn on the cob.

This and the dirt of the day required a bath.

The boys played and had fun.

Landon got to choose what movie we would watch from the 2 little finds that Matt got at the Library earlier.

Landon chose Hercules.

And yes we still have a VCR on hand for perfect $.50 little treasures like today.

So we popped some popcorn and cuddled on the couch to end our perfect day together.

I wonder what Landon will choose to do tomorrow and what adventure it will take us on.

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