Sunday, July 3, 2011


Girls Nights.

Can't take them for granted.

And I have the best girlfriends.


No makes me laugh harder.


Looks sweet.

Cause she is.

Just had a baby.

Bet you can't tell.

Has the best sense of humor.

And gets mine.

Thats rare.

Dresses cute.

Wish she would give me her hand me downs.

But she doesnt.

She knows her pop culture.

Love her.




My baby belly buddy.

She can dance.

She can sing.

She gets her ghetto on.

She has a theory for everything.


Shes always happy.

Except when shes sad.

Which is hardly ever.

If ever.

Her texts make me smile.

Even when im not in the mood to smile.

She loves chapstick.

And lotion.

Im lucky to have her.

My neighbor.

4 minute drive away.

Always there for me.

Hated me for taking this pic.

But she still looks gorgeous.

My garden buddy.

Even though Im slacking.

She still loves me.

My gym buddy.

Makes workouts way more fun.

My sons future MIL.

She'll be in my life for a long time.

I love you, "Aunt Bbbeeaann??"


She loves Hanson.

We forgive her.

She makes me laugh.


She has such a good heart.

Shes athletic.

Makes me like her even more.

Did I mention she loves Hanson?

Its true.

I wish we lived closer.

I choose that she moves and not me.

The house next doors for sale.



Love you Heather.

I feel so refreshed after my girls night.

Thanks to the best friends.

They are prettier then your friends.

Be jealous.

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