Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our script

Dear Landon,

Do you know how loved you are?
You asked me last night as I was putting you to bed.
"Mom do you love me?"
I said, "I love you soooooooo sooooooo sooooo much bubba."
"I love you so much too mom."
And you were out like a light.

You didn't have an ounce of doubt in your voice. You knew how much I love you. That was a special moment between us though. I can't explain it, but I know you felt it too. Love can't always, and may never be fully summed up by words. It is those feelings, like you laying in my arms, in the dark, knowing you are safe that capture the essence of love.

You are my first born. You exceeded my expectations. You never cease to amaze me. I know you are going to do great things in your life. This is just the beginning. And when you look back at this years from now, you will see the faith I had at you right now at 2 years old, that even goes back to the day you were born. You were and are and will always be perfect.

I hope that I never fail you. As a mother, as a friend and as a role model.

I want to write to you often, to your brother as well. So you can always come back to this, in times of doubt, struggle or when you just need a reminder of the great son you are.

I hoped for a boy. Your dad and I had the hardest time deciding on a name. If you were a girl it would have been Macey Jay Faucher.
But agreeing on a boys name was not as easy.
It suits you so well. You would have lived up to any name you were given, but I think Landon is perfect. Masculine and cool, just like you. We (your dad may or may not agree with this), got it from Landon Donavan. One of the greatest soccer players. Your dad also had a friend named Landon and I always loved the name. It was not common when we decided on it for you, but I think that has changed.

Thank you for being you.
You are not afraid to be yourself.
You are fearless.
You are so funny.
You are so strong willed son. It is a challenge to us, but I want you to have your own opinion, stand up for yourself and not back down in life. I have no worries about that though.
You are so loved and make us proud to call you our son.

Love, your mommy

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