Saturday, July 30, 2011

My 9 Month Munchkin

9 Months? Already?

My little troublemaker.. gets into everything
I can't believe in less than 3 months my baby will be 1.

How can that be?

It seems like I just held him for the first time.

Gavin is ALL done with testing and appointments.

Mama is all done with worrying and wishing and rude doctors.

Our baby boy is just small.

I could not be happier.
He is our Little Guy.
At 9 months:

Gavin is starting to talk...






It is very exciting.

He loves to dance and clap to music.

He gets very proud of himself.

Has taken his first step.

LOVES to play with cars or trains and roll them while he crawls.

Still eats like a man.
Still only has his 2 bottom teeth

but can see a few more coming.

Is the easiest baby.

Loves to swing at the park.

Loves to go on bike rides.

Gives me kisses without me even asking.

Likes to wrestle his bro.

Eyes his bros juice cup and as soon as he puts it down Gavin is on it!

Can find his way throughout the house...

which means I can't even go pee without 2 little people in the bathroom with me.

He is so much fun.

Getting so tough.

His bros bullying hardly phases him now.

Does not like cabbage..

that is about the only food weve found so far.

Has the cutest smile.

Likes to bounce balls and chase them around as they bounce away.

Likes whole milk.

And water.

Still hasn't experienced stranger danger.

Pretty much loves anyone who will show him some love.

Is pretty independent for a baby.

Have never thought of selling or trading him.

Even though he might be the "bad guy" according to Landon.

He is still the most cutest, amazing, special baby boy.

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