Tuesday, May 22, 2012

18 month maddnessss

My booger boo is almost an older brother. I thought I would tie some loose ends on my baby before he is no longer a baby. Well he is a chunky little thing. The boy can eat. But he's a lover. He's a mommas boy. Hes a Landon wannabe. Hes the biggest goober of all goobers. He can put a smile on anyones face and he knows how to wipe a smile off his brothers. He fights like hes in survival mode. My Chubbers. His doc says I may want to do some sort of portion control. Thats right. She called my kid fat. I almost punched her in the throat. But then I looked at the rolls on Gavs tummy and had to smile. Fat he is not, but I think I should sue the "specialists" who tried to tell me to put butter and chocolate syrup on my 9 month olds food. Glad I didn't listen. Gavin is the strong silent type. But he is finally starting to add words to his small vocabulary. No, I do not care how many words your kid was saying at his age. He's perfect. And funny. I bet your little ones favorite word wasn't nipple. He knows whats important. So far off the top of my head he can say: -mama -dada -bubba -uh oh -more -waffle -bye -hi -nipple -ahh man -yeah -yeaahhh budddyyy -duck -quack and probably only a few more that i can't think of. He loves to play baseball and golf. Read books and sing songs. Do anything and everything brother does. He will not watch TV, but will stop and dance if he hears a theme song. He loves to help his daddy work and do boy things and is a better toy picker upper than Landon. He will "help" unload and load the dishwasher and will put the laundry away. I am so lucky to have such a happy little boy that is so full of life.