Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quote of the Week

Landon is a parrot.

He repeats everything he hears

and everything he sees.

He will say something and I won't know where he would come up with that,

and then I will hear it on Toy Story or something.

So, we now have to teach him that some words are mommy and daddy words and he is not allowed to say them.

Shut up is one of those words.

He knows he can't say that word.

He will even say

that a mommy word

not a bubba word.

So we were driving in the car

and I was on the phone...

umm on my headset of course...

and I said "Shut up, no way."

I can hear Landon in the backround saying stuff like

oooohh mommy said shut up.

Thats a bad word.

Shut up is not a bubba word.

I am ignoring him because I am on the phone.

Well we pull up to Chick-fil-a

not that it matters where we were going...

but I park the car and hang up the phone.

As soon as I say Bye Landon says,

"Mommy said SHUT.....

I swung my head around so fast and gave the mommy eyes..

... the door."


I had to laugh.

So now he says that all the time.

He is so smart.

He likes to push boundaries to see how much he can get away with.

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