Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's been a while

I haven't blogged in a while. Blame the pregnancy, the job, the kids, the baby. Whatever. I just haven't had time. Or wanted to. But now I sit and have a free minute or two, pretty much cause my husband is the number one most amazing dad in the universe, I have to catch us on the past whatever months for mainly one reason. After just having a tiny creature shoot out of me and we begin a new journey with three little boys, I started thinking of all the milestones and beginnings. I realize I havent updated Gavin's baby book since.. oh about.. a year and a half. But then I remember I blogged about him monthly so I have a record of his firsts right there. I am grateful for that. Slacker or not I did something right. Anyway,let me introduce you to little Brycen Jax. Born a week late for kicks. 6lbs. 15oz. 20inches on August 19th. He completes this little family and we couldn't be more thrilled raising a house full of little men.
We are all in awe. In love. Bryce is now 7 weeks. He smiles the cutest smiles. He is now 8lbs. 15oz and 22 inches. We are all adjusted. Landon is by far the best big brother and biggest helper. I woud be lost without him. Gavin helps.. and hurts. He is a little jealous, but loves the snot outta him. We are blessed. That is all.