Sunday, July 3, 2011

8 months of smiles

My Baby boy is 8 months.


I can't believe it.

Its going by so much faster than it felt like it did with Landon.


Hes Perfect.

I can still say that.

He can't talk back or tell me no.

He doesn't throw tantrums.

He naps.

He sleeps through the night.

So yes, hes perfect.

He weighs 15.4 lbs (still off the chart) and is 26.69 inches (25th %).

He is such a big (little) boy.

He is so smart.

He can work the TV.


He changes the channels all the time.

I think he does it to annoy his bro.

He knows some signs.


Thats the most important.

Diaper change.

Important for those who can smell.

All done.

He gets upset at that one...

he never wants the food to be all done.

He loves to play.

He can entertain himself.

He is perfectly content.

He can drive.

Just him and the open road.

This boy can eat!
And a new development.
Long awaited.
He can feed himself.
He caught up to his gal pal Khloe.

He can cruise.
Especially when theres food out of his reach.

Teething sucks.
Ask anyone.
So everything goes in the mouth.

But still most of all he loves to be by his big bro.
He will be a tough one.
He has to fight him off all the time.
But they are best friends.
Nobody messes with "bubba's baby,"
well other than Bubba.
As goes with all family.

So this journey of Gavin's weight is ongoing.
Saw the nutritionist.
What a waste of time.
Matt and I left that appt. feeling like nothing was accomplished.
She had her mind made up that he was malnourished because he wasn't eating enough.
Anyone that sees that boy eat knows that he eats more than enough for him and his brother.
So I guess we will just have to wait for the next step and go where it takes us.

But Gavin is Happy.
He makes us so happy.

So a recap of month 8:
He feeds himself.
He is cruising.
He babbles and coos more and more everyday.
Eats like a man.
Poops like a man.
Grunts when he nurses.
Sleeps through the night.
Loves the water.
Has only his two bottom teeth.
Loves his swing.
And his crib.
And his teddybear that has Gma Jackie singing rock a bye baby.
Loves to wrestle.
Has met his new love Violet.
Has gone on bumper boats.
Likes to eat sand.
Does not like wearing a life jacket.
Does really good at the gym day care.
Is still a little explorer.
Yes, hes had pizza.
Is almost as good as a vaccum.
And I repeat...
Is perfect!

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