Saturday, July 16, 2011

Free Fun

I have so many photos on my phone I can hardly keep up with the blogging.

Pharoahs has easily become a family favorite.

The kids and I go there about twice a week without daddy and about twice a week with daddy.

Thats A LOT of Pharoahs.

A few friends of mine talked me into getting the season passes..

I kinda thought it would be a waste of money..

like I would only go once or twice..

but when I found out if I went twice I would already be paying less with the season pass Iwent for it.

And I am sooooo glad I did.

I even had a mommy/Landon date there just the two of us.

We had a Daddy, Mommy, Landon date there.

All the attention on Bubba.. and of course he loved it.

I have gone on a date with one of my bff's Juliene where we did the BIG waterslides we can't do when we take the kiddos.

But picture overload is of one of the many trips we took one night as a family.

The season pass is also good for mini golf, bumper boats and the jumpers.

It's the perfect after nap event.


Oh and the season pass is now $50.

So if you go twice or more its well worth it!

Even though I got mine for $40.

Sorry I wasn't a good friend like my friends and told you to buy it sooner :/

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