Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Days like these

Even days that have no plans

no agenda

no errands

that feel like they could drag..

i am reminded how fortunate i am.

how lucky my kids are.

I got up this morning and had no time line.

I knew I would go to the gym like we do most mornings.

So after our breakfast, we got dressed and headed out.

We met our friends there.

My workout buddy.

Landon and Gavin's play buddies.

I worked hard.

The boys played hard.

We went home, ate a quick lunch and headed to the waterpark

to meet the friends again.

A few slides and a bunch of laps in the lazy river and Landon says,

"Im sleepy, I want to go home."

Good thing we invested in some season passes..

if you want to go home after an hour Im all for it.

We stopped to play on the inflatable jumpers on the way out..

we have no appointment to make.

we can take our time.

I head home.

Both boys nap.

I clean.

Got a call from the MIL. :)

Then talked to Natalee.. of course.

Boys wake up.

We eat dinner.

Make plans to meet the friends at the park.

Get some Frozen Yogurt.



There were some minor meltdowns and timeouts along the way,

but at the end of the night,

when the babies eyes are closed

and i look through the pics that ive taken from the day

i realize

how lucky i am.

how much the boys bring to my world.

how they make a seemingly uneventful day into

days like these.

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