Tuesday, March 29, 2011

...Secret Admirer...

So I have a secret admirer. Ok not really. But I do have someone who tells me Im beautiful and makes me feel special other than my husband. GASP. Well let me break it down for you...

Example one..

Its early in the morning, my hubbs is aready at work, and I get woken up by kisses and a little whisper of "I Love You."

Example two...

I get all dressed up to go to a wedding.. you know a step above and beyond the usual hair, make up, and dress. I walk into the room and am told "You look amazing, beautiful, wow." Ok ok ok, maybe it was only a "you look cute," but it felt the same.

Example three...

I change out of the dress, in realization that I still have an hour before I have to leave, and two children that are full of boogers and grubby hands. I walk out in sweats and a tank.. and get the same in awe reaction.

Ok, as I'm sure you guessed, Landon is my secret admirer, who can make me feel so loved and special, but it really shows me that it doesn't matter what I wear, if I have morning breath, or if my hairs done. All he sees is his mom, who he loves for my goods and bads. He knows exactly what to say to make me smile.

Oh and don't tell Matt.. but he gives the best kisses

More Cushion for the Pushin.. or somethin' like that?

SOOOO I have hit that wall. Yes, that brick one. Right over there. Can you see it??? I have 6 lbs to go to pre-prego weight. Its.. really not that much.. but it seems like its taking forever to get off. Don;t get me wrong, Gavin was and is and always will be totally worth it. EVEN if it never goes away. BFont sizeUT it will go away. I just ordered a bulldozer, off Ebay of course, that is gonna knock that wall down. So give me sometime, eh, like a month and a half, and I'm sure I will be happy to report that it has vanished.. As far as the little red stretch marks on my sides and the looseness of the skin... hmm im not so sure about - But thats what clothes are for. OOh poor Matt. hehe.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 Months Young

The Gavinator is five months. Does it make you tear up? I would have to say that I have seen a HUGE change in him in the last week or so. My sweet, calm, chill, kick back baby has been transformed. He is still sweet, calm for the most part, but he has made it clear that he will not be left behind by his brother. He will meet him half way.. and then try to take over.

Yes, its true, Landon does get jealous from time to time.. but for the most part he is protective and so loving toward his baby bro. One of the changes that is blossoming with Gavin is his interaction with toys. He gets soooo excited to PLAY. Really play. He wants to get to things. He is eager. He is determined. He is curious. He has fun.

Another newby is his want for food. He cannot wait! His mouth gets going, his feet get kicking and his hands are a reachin'. Momma's mean though and is holding off for another month. Sorry Gavin, you will have to wait a little longer. Take a lesson in patience my son. Sooo how does a mom do it all? Shower? Get dressed? Do hair and makeup? Well the play mat of course! I put Gavin down to play and I go get ready as quick as possible. This particular morning, I put Gavin down while Landon was in his high chair eating his breakfast.. to my surprise I came back out to find this.... How??? What?? DID I MISS HIM CRAWL FOR THE FIRST TIME???? No, he is not crawling, scooting yes, very slowly, but he gets to where he wants to go. Put the little tiny toys away and keep the vaccuum plugged in. We have a MOVER!

He LOVES LOVES LOVES the johnny jumper. You know, the thing they sit in that hangs from the doorway. He jumps like a freakin' kangaroo.. a very silly, smiley, giggly kangaroo.

He also LOVES to see his brother cry. HAHAHHA it is the funniest thing when Landon is throwing a fit and being ridiculous.. to watch Gavin crack up! OOHH can you say instigater?

Gavin currently sleeps in incriments of every 2-4 hours at night. Its getting better. Progress is all I ask for.

He loves to be on his tummy.

He of course loves his mommy.

He doesn't like when Landon ROOOAARRSS in his face

He loves TV. Bad I know.. but he won't look away.

I think teething is underway... but it is never ending so I hope not.

He is still soo skinny. In 3-6 month clothes, but still fits in a lot of 0-3 stuff.

He's still Bald.

He Loves to talk.

I haven't dropped him yet.

He fights being buckled into the carseat.

He's the most AMAZING boy.. under 1. Landon has the Over 1 slot on lockdown!

Love you Gavin John!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One on One

When I think about all the attention Landon got when he was a baby, it sometimes makes me feel guilty or bad for Gavin. I know its unrealistic to think that he would get that same attention, because now I have to divide it with his brother, but it still doesn't seem fair. So when Landon goes down for naptime.. or should I say quiet time... since he rarely falls asleep, I make some time for just me and Gavin. I try to spend the first part of Landon's nap on just Gavin. I then spend the second part of that on housework and/or "ME" time, given Gavin cooperates and goes down for a nap. Here are a few pics from Gavins playtime.

He Loves to give Mommy KissesThis is the day I discovered he could sit on his own. Not for very long, but long enough to shock his momma!
He loves his little toes, and so do IWe have so much fun together. Just me and my boy. He is one of the happiest little boys you will ever meet. There is never a shortage of smiles or kisses with him. He will be 5 months this week. CRAZY. I really don't know where the time went, but I want it to slow down. Please.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Victorious Garden - Attack of the Garden Gloves

I have been wanting to grow my own veggies for a while now. Well since we are renting, Matt told me that I couldn't plant anything in the backyard. So then I looked into community gardens. I found one in Calimesa and was all about it, until I read all the rules and guidelines. I would have to go there everyday to water, participate in cleaning the grounds for 6 hours of community service and produce at least 40% veggitation at all times. Those were just a few of the rules that deterred me from that. So what now? Plan A and B went out the door quickly. Well one of my bestest friends said that we could do a garden together. Her husband cleared out a whole side for us to work. So on Saturday we went over there, the boys bbq'd and we got to work!

Your tax dollars hard at work! Haha!
All this hard manual labor made us really thirsty :)
Watch our little seedlings grow and make us millions.
Can you tell were excited?
Basil Day 1
Tomato Day 1
Our garden, dug, planted, and watered. Were in business!
Thanks Juliene for sharing your garden (Jularah) with me. Can't wait to watch it grow! And if youre wondering if we know were nerds or not.. yes we totally know!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fingerprints Youth Museum

When I got pregnant with Landon I was working full time. We had a decision to make, whether I continue working, find a part time job, or be a stay at home mom. So Matt and I talked and we both thought it was important for me to be at home with them, at least before they start school. I am so glad we decided on this, and that I am fortunate enough to be able to do this. Because my husband works so hard, I am able to take Landon (and Gavin) to do fun stuff. Today we went with some of my mom's group to the Fingerprints Youth Museum out in Hemet. It was so much fun. He went with his friends Baylee and Valentina.
There was a rock wall they could climb
Landon's favorite was of course the Police Motorcycles.

They had an ambulance..

..and a police car..
I thought it was funny, because when he first saw the police car he ran to it and jumped in the back seat.. I hope that is never a reality.. stay in the driver's seat Landon!

Landon liked this boat. His favorite show right now is Little Bear and they do a lot of fishing. He kept saying "catch fish.. Little Bear.." It was so cute!

Hello! Its me LANDON!

He also LOVED the pretend kitchen. I was surprised! He even made his mom some eggs.

and if you were wondering, Gavin was there too, I promise.

Friends.. Buddies.. Pals.. Amigos..

The kids and I have amazing friends. It is so cool to watch my son build little friendships at such a young age. He loves all the kids in our playgroup, but he does have a few favorites. The other day he had a few of his favorites over to play. It works out good because we do a switch off with another couple where we watch their kids for date night and the next week they will watch ours so Matt and I can have some time together. I would totally recommend this! Landon has the best time with Blake and Bella. Landon does have a little crush on Bella too.. I think she thinks hes pretty cute too. :)
After they played and played and played out back it was time for dinner. This was pretty funny watching 3 toddlers go at a big bowl of spaghetti. They all had such different techniques.
Landon, of course, was the dive right in, get as messy as possible, don't hold back kind of eater.

Bella was the double fisting, 2 at a time, noodle eater. She may be tiny, but man she can put food away just like the boys.
Blake on the other hand, haha, was the solo noodle, stay as clean as possible eater.

Oh! and if you were wondering, Gavin was there too. Kickin' back, chill, like always!

He has style!
Gavin is still just hanging out!

After dinner they got popsicles. Gotta love this time change and cali weather!
After spaghetti, one popsicle, two popsicles, and lots of dirt, sand and outside fun, it was BATH TIME!

So thankful for Landon's little friends, and of course their parents! Next week Landon can go cause trouble over at their house while Matt and I enjoy alone time.
(and of course Gavin will be there watching, waiting, wanting to be a part of the action)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Like the blink of an eye..

Don't forgot to change those clocks! It's bittersweet. It feels like time is already flying by. I try not to take for granted any minute. Whether I am awake with my boys, alone while they are napping, or sleeping.. every second is precious. On the bright side.. litterally BRIGHT side... I will love that it will stay light outside for longer. So will Landon. We will be living in our backyard from post-naptime until pre-bedtime. So feel free to stop on by :) Happy Daylight Savings!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's a Shorts, Flip-flops, Park kind of Day

This afternoon it was the PERFECT day to go to the park. So after lunch we headed straight there. It was so much fun. Looking forward to this weather and passing the time with many afternoons like this!

Here is Landon. Taking over the playground, one park at a time!
A little help never hurt no one.
We stopped for many waterbreaks..

The little man enjoyed the swings, just like his brother.

"Higher daddy, higher!"
My Handsome Man
those waterbreaks.. led to a couple of pee breaks..

Now on to NAPTIME! :)