Sunday, November 11, 2012

My big boy

Gavins TWO!!!! It's crazy how much difference a year makes. My baby.
My BIG boy!
He had a monster bash for his second birthday.
Such a good time.
And as a special birthday gift Grandma and Grandpa took him to the zoo.
He's a lucky loved little boy!
At two years Gavin is: -Talking our ears off -Tougher than his big bro -Can sing his heart out -Is the "middle child" -Loves to dance -LOVES animals -Can't sit long enough to watch tv -Yet loves the character Elmo -Is 50th percentile in weight -Is 70th percentile for height -Didn't cry when he got his shots -Has the best hair -Loves Cay-Cay -Will eat anything in sight -Can count to 10, just not in the correct order -Knows some colors and shapes -Is spunky, stubborn and mischievious We love our little big boy. Happy Birthday Gavin John!!