Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mom of the Year #2

Been out of wipies in the diaper bag for.. oh about a month now.. so anytime we have a "situation" and were out and about.. we have to Mc Gyver the madness.

Best Buds

Every parent has expectations or wishes for their children. I want my boys to have a special bond. To be best friends. To have eachothers backs. To teach other.

It is so cool to see them together. To hear Gavin waking up and Landon climbing into his crib. The laughter that fills that bedroom. Gavin looking at Landon, excited to be "rescued." Landon laying there by his side, so happy he has a buddy to play with now.

They are so cute. They adore eachother. They annoy eachother. They love eachother. They're brothers.

They each can teach eachother about style. Landon has some CRAZY style. It is original. It is NATURAL. All-Natural.
Gavin can try to teach Landon how to tame that style and add some cool factor.

But most of all they can just LOVE eachother. I pray that this bond continues and grows and that they will be eachothers Best Friend!

Mom of the Year # 1

Im sitting on the couch eating a burrito ignoring the cries of my little one.. whose bedtime is near.. when it hits me... he hasn't had his dinner yet. :(

Six Months Cuter

Gavin gets cuter and cuter every day. That is a lot of cuteness packed into 6 months. He is such a happy little guy. LITTLE GUY. He is so tiny. His Grandpa Mike has given him the nickname "Peanut" which his brother thinks is hilarious. He points to himself and says Bubba, then points to Gavin and says Peanut in his cute chipmunky voice.

But our little peanut is 6 months now. It went by so fast. Kinda makes me sad, but now he is able to get around and interact with Landon, which makes things fun and makes my heart happy.

He has the most adorable smile.
Gavin's classic look.

He is such a big boy!

Playtime with the bro.

So at 6 months..

Gavin weighs 13 lbs 10 oz. (1 percentile)

He is 26 inches long (35th percentile)

He is a Momma's boy.

Still loves TV.

Can get around all over the place doing an army crawl/caterpillar crawl

Gets up on hands and knees and does the rock

Doesn't like when brother gets in his face or is LOUD

Eating, eating, eating

Loves veggies, is not a fan of fruits

Puts EVERYTHING in his mouth

Is a little explorer

Loves swings

Doesn't believe in sleep regularity


We go back to the Dr. in a month to do a weight check. Gavin is slowly gaining, which is good, but his percentiles are dropping each month. There are many possibilities for this.. we are hoping it is nothing serious and that he is able to put on some weight these next 30 days. Keep Gavin in your prayers!

Monday, April 25, 2011

YEP! Quote of the Week

Ok So its a day late. Not for lack of material thats for sure. But because it was Easter and I was busy Easter-egging it up!

So Landon... poor Landon... well lets just say he has a condition. It's called.. hmmm.. i dont know how to put this mildly. So i guess I will just put it out there. He has "continual Boner-itis". Did I just say that out loud? Its a common condition for the male population.. or so I'm told. Well he always tells me that his pee-pee hurts and asks what it is. So we call it a "BO-BO." So now I hear all day long... MOMMY I HAVE A BO-BO. Or ouch mommy my BO-BO hurts... So here is where my wonderfully weird qoute of the week comes in.

Landon: "Mommy, I have a BO-BO."

Mommy: "Oh no, Are you Okay."

Landon: "Ouch."

Mommy: "Are you okay?"

Landon: "Yeah... Kiss it Mommy."

Mommy: "ummmmm no."

Gotta love 2 year olds! Especially Mine :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bucket List

So i am sitting here thinking.. have you seen that movie The Bucket List??

I havent't.

But thats not important.

I get the gist of the movie.


Did i spell that right?

Anyway, like I said, i started thinking to myself.. while I look over at Matt who is asleep right next to me on the couch..

hold on I'll take a pic for proof..


But to continue I said, "self, what is your bucket list." Yes, it went exactly like that.

Well to answer my own question.. which took much contemplation.. like at least 2-3 minutes... I came up with some..

here are a few that made the cut.

Travel to Europe.. with Matt.. who will hopefully be much rested and not asleep.

Go rockclimbing. With Matt again, so I can see his strength.. he is really strong, with really nice arms ;)

See a baby being born.. preferably of someone that I am really close to and wants to share that special moment with me,

but I can't be picky.

I would even take being trapped in an elevator while a random lady is giving birth.

Hopefully a doctor will be trapped with us too.

(Matt doesn't have to be here for this one. He's seen it twice).

So those are just a few.

I still have time..

i Hope.

Of course on the list is to see all the firsts of my children and see them grow old, marry, grandkids and all that, but I assume everyone knows thats a given.

Soooo whats on your bucket list??

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quote of the century.. or just this week :)

Ok so theres that saying.. Kids say the darndest things.. well I need to start writing some of Landon's down. So I am starting the quote of the week. This week there is a 2fer1 special.

First, my favorite...

Were driving in the car when Landon says...

"Mommy, I love you too much."

I don't think its too much Bubba. Its the perfect amount! I love you sooo much!

So another favorite right now, is when its time for bed, nap or time out he tells me

"In a minute Mom." or "No yet."

Sorry son, but I don't mean in a minute I mean NOW!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gimme Gimme Gimme

So I wanted to wait until Gavin hit the 6 month mark before he started solids, but lucky for him he got to start a few weeks early. We had plans to leave him overnight and I didn't have enough milk pumped, so Matt suggested starting him on solids. So Tuesday morning I started him with rice cereal. He LOVED it! As you can see, he didn't take his eyes from the spoon!

The next day he tried sweet potatoes. He ate about half of the jar before he started making a disgusted face. I tried again, My mom tried and even Matt tried. Now I think its official.. he's not sweet potatoes biggest fan.. for now anyway.

Tonight, we tried APPLES. Sweet, delicious, yummy apples... or not so much. He DID NOT like apples.

I think we are going to stick with the rice cereal and slowly introduce flavor and im sure in no time he will be loving and even WEARING food just like his big bro!

Busy Busy Busy

We have been soooo busy! I can't say that I mind it. Our weeks have been filled with friends and family. Important people who we love, who my kids adore. Although I have enough to say to make an individual post for each event lately, I decided to do a cram session, to save time and not leave anything out.

FIRST! BABY KHLOE! We LOVE baby Khloe. And Im pretty sure baby Khloe loves us. She is so cute and sweet. A happy baby girl, the perfect companion to our little guy. We went out there last week to see my best friend Natalee and her little crew of kids. We had so much fun and we decided we need to make more trips.. once in a blue moon is just not cutting it!

My little man is growing and changing everyday. We are in the "get on hands and knees and do a little rocking action" right now. Crawling is on its way.
How can you look at these 3 and not smile. I get to everyday and I am so thankful for this!
We got SNOW!!! This morning was complete with coffee, snow ball fights, lots of snow tasting, sledding and of course a snowman. Landon loved it, and I admit I was super excited about it too!

Matt is the greatest dad! He loves to do fun stuff with the boys. He had been waiting for a windy day for a long time.. well we got one and out the boys went to fly a kite.
FRIENDS! I know, so cal weather has been crazy.. snow, wind and sunny days perfect to run through the sprinklers with your best buddies.
Grandma Janet and Papa took us out to dinner at Pinnacles. Landon wore his cowboy boots and hat, and even a tie.. which they didnt cut off :( But we had a great time just being with family. Landon adores his Papa and Grandma.. who LOVE to spoil him every chance they get.

So as BUSY as we have been, our days our full of laughter and love. It doesn't get much better than that!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meeting goals, Setting new ones

I try to be the best I can be. I want to be the best mom. I want to be the best wife. The best friend. The best daughter. The list can continue, however I will spare you. Sometimes I know I can fail.

I'm human.

I want to be someone my husband wants to come home to. Well what wife doesn't want that? I know there are those days when I'm in sweats, the house is a mess and the kids are insane. Matt walks in the door and I can see the overwhelmed look written on his face. Although there ARE days like this, I try to make these minimal.

I want Matt to come home, see a wife who is looking her best, kids that are happy, and a house that is ready for him to relax in.

That is where the whole operation "get rid of baby weight" comes in. I want to look as good for him as I can. Not that he ever complained or was anything other than supportive and full of compliments. But I was still having a hard time with this. Losing those last pounds that didn't want to go away no matter how much excercise I did.

Matt had a co-worker who has made meal plans for a lot of his friends from work. She was previously a body builder and personal trainer. I was a little worried, because I didn't want to lose my milk by not getting enough calories. I thought I would try it for a week and then see if it needed readjusting. Well within a week, I lost 7 lbs and had no problems with my milk. WOW! I was so happy. It was easy to be motivated and stick to it because I was actually seeing an immediate difference.

Some of you were wondering what it all consisted of so I thought I would write it on here. A typical day for me.. which I never got hungry or was left unsatisfied..

8am - Either 1/2 oatmeal w/ fresh strawberries or 3 egg whites 1 whole egg scrambled and put into 2 corn tortillas with salsa.

11am-2 Turkey Patties w/ 4oz. sweet potato

2pm- 5oz Albacore Tuna with Low fat mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion, 1/4cup low fat mozerella cheese, avacado and balsalmic vinegar and olive oil

5pm- 1 cup whole wheat pasta, 6oz. ground turkey and red spaghetti sauce with a side salad.

If I needed something before bed I would eat a piece of celery with all natural peanut butter or the laughing cow cheese.

So as you can see, it is all yummy food, and I am constantly eating, so I am never feeling hungry or starving. AND IT WORKED!!! And, Landon would eat every meal with me and he LOVED it. So we were making a healthy change all at the same time. I am all about change and improvement for the better.

(However, I have decided to have a cheat day every now and then to meet those cravings and keep my body guessing so it doesn't become used to it.. but more for the first reason ;))

So now that I met my pre-pregnance weight goal, I am on to a new one.. Pre-wedding weight haha. I have 8 lbs to meet that goal... Hopefully by summer!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MVP - My Vibrant Preschooler

Having a love for something and being good at something are two different things. When those two are in harmony great things will happen. For Landon, I know its sports. He LOVES sports. Anyone that knows him or has been around him for longer than an hour knows that he can make any toy, utensil, well anything into a sport. My moms group got together to have a Mommy and Me soccer day. It was so cute to watch Landon kick the ball around amongst his friends. He is a natural. Maybe not at sharing or passing yet, but he can dribble, kick and throw the ball like nobod's business. (Plus, he looks super cute doing it!)

They also did little drills like running through and jumping over cones. His friend Emmy and Gavin's BFF Cullen were perfectly content sitting on the sideline

He is such an All-Star and I can't wait for our weeknights and weekends to be consumed by practices and games.

No soccer game is complete without a half time orange slice.
... and we got a special treat... Grandma Janet came to watch us play and got some one-on-one time with Gavin. As you can tell, Gavin LOVED it!
I feel so blessed to have such amazing children, an awesome moms group and such a great family to surround myself with.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pinic Worthy

Today was one of those days. No, not the ones where you wonder how your kids made it to bed alive (don't act like you've never had one of these), one of those perfect weather, breezy, sunshine, hearts happy, park beggin for some attention, picnic kinda day.

Everyday should be like this, because this is the look i get when I ask..

DO you want to go to the park??

Gavin loves days like this. He is an explorer and always tries to venture past the boundaries of the nicely laid out blanket I have set him in the very center of. It is so amazing how you can capture the word "wonder" in a childs eyes. We packed a little lunch.. that of course is not complete without..

a cheese stick. These little creations are amazing by the way. and Landon..who is all about being able to make his own choices, voice his own opinion, you know, have preferences.. wanted the strawberries whole.. it is cooler you know, and if you didnt, well next time your at a picnic, make sure you bring WHOLE strawberries.

Nothing says sunshine, park, picnic afternoons like a strawberry.
We don't neglect any food groups in our household, so crackers made the party in Landon's tummy too.
Somebody found the secret treat..
I also surprised Landon with a buzz lightyear squirt gun.. which like a good mom, i instructed him not to squirt people, but to squirt things.. slide, poles, swings..

and like a good son... he did just that, although he "accidently" squirted one girl and himself many times :)

No park picnic is complete without and assortmant of balls, that he scanned the whole house for, with squeels of excitement with each find. (I guess it sounds a lot like Easter morning).

Sit back, relax, put your feet up and enjoy
Happy Picnic Day to us, and we encourage you to have one soon..
Don't forget the gummy worms :)