Friday, July 15, 2011

Mom of the Year #4

So Ive been in the clear for a while.
Had to space things out a bit so you wouldn't start questioning my mommy skills,
but sometimes its inevitable.

Landon aka Mr. Independent, likes to get in the car "BY MYSELF!"
So to save time,
I open his door while he climbs in and puts his straps around him,
I go around and put Gavin in
and come back and buckle Landon in.
Yes, its a process.

So the other day we went to visit my parents in Rancho.
We had a great time as always.
I pull into the garage
and when I open Landon's door he is out of his carseat getting toys on the ground.

Yep, this mom (thumbs pointing to myself), forgot to do the last step of buckling that little boy in his carseat while I drove over 30 mins home.
Awesome! Another Mom-of-the-Year moment.

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