Friday, November 15, 2013

Times I hold on to

It is a rare occasion if Landon falls asleep during naptime. I enforce quiet time so he has to be in his room for a "rest" but he usually sneaks downstairs and plays in the toy room. He thinks I don't know this is happening. Today he came into my room while I was reading and smiled all guilty like. I told him I didn't mind he was downstairs but he would have to be quiet. He left and came back with a stack of books and sat next to me "reading" for a while. I just cannot fathom letting go of him next year while he goes to kindergarten. There is just something about him that always makes me smile. Love my Boy. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Brycen's 1!!

I can't believe how fast the year went by. My baby is no longer a baby. It makes me sad knowing he is my last. He has grown so much. Bryce loves to wrestle and sword fight.. Or maybe it's just his survival instincts kicking in when his brothers are near. He can say many words:
Darla (his first love)
Go go go
No no no
Thank you
He can also put 2 words together like hi dada or no Landon. 

He is running and you can tell he wants to keep up with his brothers. He has an adventurous side, but is also very reserved and sweet. We love him so much! We spent his birthday at the mall ridin the train, the carrousel, visiting the puppy store and getting a treat. He also had a birthday bow tie party with friends and family. We are very blessed. Happy birthday Bryce!