Thursday, May 19, 2011

You can't force them to nap.. but you can knock em' out

No, not really.

We take a less physical approach.

We Drug em'.

Haha. No, however sometimes I wish i could mix a little something somethin' in his juice cup so he will FALL ASLEEP.

Is that bad?

Ive never done it, so please don't call CPS on me.

Seriously, is that too much to ask?

It's called naptime for a reason.

Landon on the other hand heard from a friend of a friend whose cousins brother told him it was called, "destroy your room and scream for your mama time."

That is exactly what he does.

But mama needs a break.

Mama is getting a break.

You can scream.

You can cry.

You can shove crap under the door.

You can kick the wall.

The door.

You can jump on your bed.




A 2 hour mommy timeout.

So, after 2 hours I go get my booger out of his room.

Sadly, I am never surprised at what I find.

Surprised no.

Pissed off, yes, sometimes.

But today I just had to smile.

Well actually more like laugh hysterically.

He was wearing "3,4,7 underwears" as he told me that he did indeed put on himself.

Im telling you hes got style.


He likes to show it off.

He was proud.

(I guess it didnt hurt as much when I whipped his butt with 3 pairs of underwear on.)


Please please dont call CPS.

I see a future Hanes Model.

Dont you?

So if you have any all natural ideas for getting a child to actually fall asleep during naptime rather than hone their self dressing skills send them my way.

Im open to anything..

If its illegal send it to me in my inbox ;)

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