Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quote of the Week

Landon is potty training. Geez this process SUCKS! He LOVES to go on the potty... but ONLY when its his idea and not moms or dads. We have good.. no we have GREAT days.. and then we have some not so good days. He is in control of this.. which he knows.. and he likes. SO pretty much when HE decides he wants to wear big boy underwear.. he will. But anyways we try to encourage and motivate with candy, stickers, fruit snacks, Little Bear and such. So the other morning he ran out of the potty...

Landon: Bubba did it Yayyyyyy

Mommy: Good Job Bubs

Landon: Candy??
(Now i give him candy about half the time he goes, because he will go squeeze out a few drops just to get some candy. And this particular morning he probably already had a few.. Peeps to be exact.)

Mommy: No, not this time Landon. You've already had 2. You need to eat breakfast.

Landon: Awwwwww Mom. I WANT CANDY.. (his voice is escalating)

Mommy: No


hahah I couldn't resist.. I had to get my lil Peep killer a marshmellow chicken.

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