Sunday, May 22, 2011

This weeks quote brought to you by daddy..

So we went shopping the other day. I brought back up this time. I have not fully learned my lesson in taking the kids out by myself, but when trying on clothes it is nice to not have the boys in the dressing room with me, or at least just have to take one.

So while im trying on clothes Matt is holding the baby and Landon is sitting on a display thingy..

This is all according to Matt.. my eyes and ears were with the clothes...

Landon keeps poking the baby in the face.. and Matt keeps telling him to stop.

After a few good warnings Matt flicks Landon on the cheek.

Landon fighting back tears.. takes a few deep breaths and says,

"I want to smack you so bad when you do that!"

HAHAHA.. I would say where do kids come up with this, but im sure he knows it from when Matt says that to me..

Yes of course JK.

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