Saturday, May 28, 2011

Water Babies

We had the best time!

A little time away from "life"

A lot of Family time.

Gavin's first trip out of state


his first time on a boat.

Our boys.

They love the water.

They love the sun.

They love their grandparents.

They love their aunts and uncles.

They are spoiled.. they are so Loved.


they love eachother.

Papa couldn't wait to do all "boy" things with Landon and Gavin.

Like chase ducks and go fishing.

Aunt Tracy and Uncle Kenny loved on the boys all weekend.

The boys loved it and Matt and I enjoyed the extra help.

The sun takes a lot out of a little boy.

A little Family time.

We took Landon out to knee board for the first time.

He did GREAT!

He was done after he wiped out and the board hit him on the head.

He is fearless.

Boy bonding.

Landon's first fish.

A small mouth bass.

Mommy bonding.

Nothing like a sleeping baby.

Nothing like MY sleeping baby.

We had such a nice "mini vaca" with the family.

Can't wait for more of those


more of Landon and Gavin's firsts.

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