Sunday, May 8, 2011

mommy, mom, ma, mama, mommy, mama, mom, ma

Mother's Day in all its glory.

I am infact the luckiest mom in the world.

You might think you are, and Im ok with that.

You should, well if your a mom then you should.

But I know I am.

I know I am every single time I get a kiss or a hug from Landon.

I know I am everytime I get woken up for a middle of the night feeding.

I know I am when Gavin gurgles and coos his "I love You's" to me.

I know I am when Landon talks in his "monster voice."

I know I am when Landon pees in the potty.

I know I am when Landon pees in his underoos.

I know I am when Gavin is sleeping in my arms.

I know I am when Gavin refuses to nap.

Pretty much my kids make the best moments of my day,

and also in the worst moments I know I could not be luckier and wish my kids were anything other than my kids.

WE had a great Mother's Day.

Matt had to work, but I woke up too some sweet cards from the hubbs and kiddos.

We went to brunch with the family.

Then back to my Grandmas house to relax and enjoy eachothers company.

My boys had a blast with their cousins.. which also makes me smile.

We made it home before Matt got off work.

We had a family dinner,

the four of us,

which as nice as the day we had was,

it was my favorite part of the day.

Happy Mother's Day to all other Mommies, especially my 2.

<3 Jackie and Janet <3

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