Saturday, May 14, 2011

Who needs a pet?

I sure dont!

I have 3 boys.

3 monkeys

They take up all my time.

I feed them.

Bathe them. (yes all 3 ;) ... not at the same time)

Take them for walks.

They are more than enough pet for me.

They know how to lay down..
They know how to sit..

They know how to roll over..

They know how to attack..

I just LOVE them.

My most monkey-ish boy is so much fun.

He is carefree.

He is wild.

He is fearless.
He KNOWS how to have fun.

This is just a typical afternoon for us.

So like I said, who needs a pet with these 3!?!

1 comment:

bauers2 said...

Soooooooo Fun!!!!! Sweet little monkey boys!!!!!!