Tuesday, May 31, 2011

7 Months

Gavin is 7 Months Old!

He weighs 14.7 lbs.

He is 28 inches tall.
He is still amazing in every way.

In case you were wondering.
He is in Love with his big bro.

At 7 Months Gavin is:

Pulling himself up on everything

Which means he falls over a lot

and makes naptime/bedtime a lot of fun!

He is crawling everywhere

which means he follows brother into every room

He has said "ma ma" twice

which means he loves me more than "da da"

(just kidding.. kinda ;))

He can give High-Fives!

He can give kisses..

Which I LOVE!

He can wave HI

He likes to spit or blow raspberries

whatever you call that.

He LOVES food!



He is the sweetest, cutest, smartest baby ever...

in his mommys opinion.

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