Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mom of the Year #3

Why do I have so many of these you ask? Good thing I can't hear your request cause I have no good reasons for it. Im a good mom. I swear.

Frozen Yogurt. Its a necessity. That will set the scene for ya. We take Landon to get a treat after dinner for keeping his pull ups dry POST NAPTIME. Every body should get a reset button.

Baby once again is crying as we drive there. Landon is being Landon. LOUD. Annoyingly cute. But oh so LOUD!. Matt decides he's gonna run in and get us some so we don't have to take the kids out. Im fine with that.

I remember I have to make a phone call to the bff. I try to talk over the kids cries and song singing in the "monster voice." It's not working. So out of the car I get. To the curb I sit. Ahhhhh peaceful. I can hear. Hearing is in fact a LUXERY. Do I see anything wrong with what Im doing? The kids in the car; one screaming his lungs out, the other singing his lungs out. NO. No I don't. Not until I see Matt pass by me with that look does it hit me. Yet again I managed to get that feeling.. MOM of the Year.

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