Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The Jularah Update - about 40 days later...

Yes, after about a month and a half we got around to doing some gardening once again. Oh come on, its not that long. Well there was some good news and some not so good news.. as goes with most anything.

This is a picture of our tomato plant on day 1. SO GREEN. So fresh. SO Full of life.. hapiness.. love.. ok well that may be going a little far..

And here it is again on day 40. Sad day. But don't give up hope on us yet. We may not have green thumbs, but we have determination.

Thats half the battle right??

Heres the garden Day 1. Planted. Watered. Ready for growth.

Aha! Do you believe in us yet? Do you see all those green leafy things? Yep!

Thats our garden.

The few rows that lasted through the hail, snow, and a broken sprinkler that went un-noticed for.. oh.. a month or so.. give or take a few days.

So if we haven't made believers outta ya yet, then this will have to reel ya in. We got a live one. That little red ball thing.

Its called a radish.

For those not familiar with this veggie/fruit.. im not quite sure what it is.. i'll explain it.

radish: any of various plants of the genus Raphanus, cultivated for its edible root.

You see.

Radish. Its the new Black. Its famous.

"when he was naked he was, for all the world, like a forked radish, with a head fantastically carved upon it with a knife." -Shakespeare

like a said.. famous.

It has many uses.

You can eat them in a salad (obvious)

Pickle them (mmm not sure id be a fan)

Saute them in butter (NOW were talking!)

Looking forward to all the growth that is to come.. and hoping we will have an update before another 40 or so days pass. :)

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Natalee said...

Congrats on the famous radish! You girlies rock the garden!!

(minus the dead plants and all)