Monday, April 25, 2011

YEP! Quote of the Week

Ok So its a day late. Not for lack of material thats for sure. But because it was Easter and I was busy Easter-egging it up!

So Landon... poor Landon... well lets just say he has a condition. It's called.. hmmm.. i dont know how to put this mildly. So i guess I will just put it out there. He has "continual Boner-itis". Did I just say that out loud? Its a common condition for the male population.. or so I'm told. Well he always tells me that his pee-pee hurts and asks what it is. So we call it a "BO-BO." So now I hear all day long... MOMMY I HAVE A BO-BO. Or ouch mommy my BO-BO hurts... So here is where my wonderfully weird qoute of the week comes in.

Landon: "Mommy, I have a BO-BO."

Mommy: "Oh no, Are you Okay."

Landon: "Ouch."

Mommy: "Are you okay?"

Landon: "Yeah... Kiss it Mommy."

Mommy: "ummmmm no."

Gotta love 2 year olds! Especially Mine :)

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