Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bucket List

So i am sitting here thinking.. have you seen that movie The Bucket List??

I havent't.

But thats not important.

I get the gist of the movie.


Did i spell that right?

Anyway, like I said, i started thinking to myself.. while I look over at Matt who is asleep right next to me on the couch..

hold on I'll take a pic for proof..


But to continue I said, "self, what is your bucket list." Yes, it went exactly like that.

Well to answer my own question.. which took much contemplation.. like at least 2-3 minutes... I came up with some..

here are a few that made the cut.

Travel to Europe.. with Matt.. who will hopefully be much rested and not asleep.

Go rockclimbing. With Matt again, so I can see his strength.. he is really strong, with really nice arms ;)

See a baby being born.. preferably of someone that I am really close to and wants to share that special moment with me,

but I can't be picky.

I would even take being trapped in an elevator while a random lady is giving birth.

Hopefully a doctor will be trapped with us too.

(Matt doesn't have to be here for this one. He's seen it twice).

So those are just a few.

I still have time..

i Hope.

Of course on the list is to see all the firsts of my children and see them grow old, marry, grandkids and all that, but I assume everyone knows thats a given.

Soooo whats on your bucket list??

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