Saturday, April 30, 2011

Six Months Cuter

Gavin gets cuter and cuter every day. That is a lot of cuteness packed into 6 months. He is such a happy little guy. LITTLE GUY. He is so tiny. His Grandpa Mike has given him the nickname "Peanut" which his brother thinks is hilarious. He points to himself and says Bubba, then points to Gavin and says Peanut in his cute chipmunky voice.

But our little peanut is 6 months now. It went by so fast. Kinda makes me sad, but now he is able to get around and interact with Landon, which makes things fun and makes my heart happy.

He has the most adorable smile.
Gavin's classic look.

He is such a big boy!

Playtime with the bro.

So at 6 months..

Gavin weighs 13 lbs 10 oz. (1 percentile)

He is 26 inches long (35th percentile)

He is a Momma's boy.

Still loves TV.

Can get around all over the place doing an army crawl/caterpillar crawl

Gets up on hands and knees and does the rock

Doesn't like when brother gets in his face or is LOUD

Eating, eating, eating

Loves veggies, is not a fan of fruits

Puts EVERYTHING in his mouth

Is a little explorer

Loves swings

Doesn't believe in sleep regularity


We go back to the Dr. in a month to do a weight check. Gavin is slowly gaining, which is good, but his percentiles are dropping each month. There are many possibilities for this.. we are hoping it is nothing serious and that he is able to put on some weight these next 30 days. Keep Gavin in your prayers!

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