Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quote of the century.. or just this week :)

Ok so theres that saying.. Kids say the darndest things.. well I need to start writing some of Landon's down. So I am starting the quote of the week. This week there is a 2fer1 special.

First, my favorite...

Were driving in the car when Landon says...

"Mommy, I love you too much."

I don't think its too much Bubba. Its the perfect amount! I love you sooo much!

So another favorite right now, is when its time for bed, nap or time out he tells me

"In a minute Mom." or "No yet."

Sorry son, but I don't mean in a minute I mean NOW!

1 comment:

Natalee said...

It scares me how much he is like Konner. I say "scares" me...because...well...have you MET Konner?

All I have to say is good luck! It's really a shame that he is so darn cute Sarah...that makes disciplining the little monsters even harder!