Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gimme Gimme Gimme

So I wanted to wait until Gavin hit the 6 month mark before he started solids, but lucky for him he got to start a few weeks early. We had plans to leave him overnight and I didn't have enough milk pumped, so Matt suggested starting him on solids. So Tuesday morning I started him with rice cereal. He LOVED it! As you can see, he didn't take his eyes from the spoon!

The next day he tried sweet potatoes. He ate about half of the jar before he started making a disgusted face. I tried again, My mom tried and even Matt tried. Now I think its official.. he's not sweet potatoes biggest fan.. for now anyway.

Tonight, we tried APPLES. Sweet, delicious, yummy apples... or not so much. He DID NOT like apples.

I think we are going to stick with the rice cereal and slowly introduce flavor and im sure in no time he will be loving and even WEARING food just like his big bro!

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