Saturday, April 16, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

We have been soooo busy! I can't say that I mind it. Our weeks have been filled with friends and family. Important people who we love, who my kids adore. Although I have enough to say to make an individual post for each event lately, I decided to do a cram session, to save time and not leave anything out.

FIRST! BABY KHLOE! We LOVE baby Khloe. And Im pretty sure baby Khloe loves us. She is so cute and sweet. A happy baby girl, the perfect companion to our little guy. We went out there last week to see my best friend Natalee and her little crew of kids. We had so much fun and we decided we need to make more trips.. once in a blue moon is just not cutting it!

My little man is growing and changing everyday. We are in the "get on hands and knees and do a little rocking action" right now. Crawling is on its way.
How can you look at these 3 and not smile. I get to everyday and I am so thankful for this!
We got SNOW!!! This morning was complete with coffee, snow ball fights, lots of snow tasting, sledding and of course a snowman. Landon loved it, and I admit I was super excited about it too!

Matt is the greatest dad! He loves to do fun stuff with the boys. He had been waiting for a windy day for a long time.. well we got one and out the boys went to fly a kite.
FRIENDS! I know, so cal weather has been crazy.. snow, wind and sunny days perfect to run through the sprinklers with your best buddies.
Grandma Janet and Papa took us out to dinner at Pinnacles. Landon wore his cowboy boots and hat, and even a tie.. which they didnt cut off :( But we had a great time just being with family. Landon adores his Papa and Grandma.. who LOVE to spoil him every chance they get.

So as BUSY as we have been, our days our full of laughter and love. It doesn't get much better than that!

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