Saturday, April 30, 2011

Best Buds

Every parent has expectations or wishes for their children. I want my boys to have a special bond. To be best friends. To have eachothers backs. To teach other.

It is so cool to see them together. To hear Gavin waking up and Landon climbing into his crib. The laughter that fills that bedroom. Gavin looking at Landon, excited to be "rescued." Landon laying there by his side, so happy he has a buddy to play with now.

They are so cute. They adore eachother. They annoy eachother. They love eachother. They're brothers.

They each can teach eachother about style. Landon has some CRAZY style. It is original. It is NATURAL. All-Natural.
Gavin can try to teach Landon how to tame that style and add some cool factor.

But most of all they can just LOVE eachother. I pray that this bond continues and grows and that they will be eachothers Best Friend!

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