Sunday, March 20, 2011

Victorious Garden - Attack of the Garden Gloves

I have been wanting to grow my own veggies for a while now. Well since we are renting, Matt told me that I couldn't plant anything in the backyard. So then I looked into community gardens. I found one in Calimesa and was all about it, until I read all the rules and guidelines. I would have to go there everyday to water, participate in cleaning the grounds for 6 hours of community service and produce at least 40% veggitation at all times. Those were just a few of the rules that deterred me from that. So what now? Plan A and B went out the door quickly. Well one of my bestest friends said that we could do a garden together. Her husband cleared out a whole side for us to work. So on Saturday we went over there, the boys bbq'd and we got to work!

Your tax dollars hard at work! Haha!
All this hard manual labor made us really thirsty :)
Watch our little seedlings grow and make us millions.
Can you tell were excited?
Basil Day 1
Tomato Day 1
Our garden, dug, planted, and watered. Were in business!
Thanks Juliene for sharing your garden (Jularah) with me. Can't wait to watch it grow! And if youre wondering if we know were nerds or not.. yes we totally know!

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