Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Cushion for the Pushin.. or somethin' like that?

SOOOO I have hit that wall. Yes, that brick one. Right over there. Can you see it??? I have 6 lbs to go to pre-prego weight. Its.. really not that much.. but it seems like its taking forever to get off. Don;t get me wrong, Gavin was and is and always will be totally worth it. EVEN if it never goes away. BFont sizeUT it will go away. I just ordered a bulldozer, off Ebay of course, that is gonna knock that wall down. So give me sometime, eh, like a month and a half, and I'm sure I will be happy to report that it has vanished.. As far as the little red stretch marks on my sides and the looseness of the skin... hmm im not so sure about - But thats what clothes are for. OOh poor Matt. hehe.

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