Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One on One

When I think about all the attention Landon got when he was a baby, it sometimes makes me feel guilty or bad for Gavin. I know its unrealistic to think that he would get that same attention, because now I have to divide it with his brother, but it still doesn't seem fair. So when Landon goes down for naptime.. or should I say quiet time... since he rarely falls asleep, I make some time for just me and Gavin. I try to spend the first part of Landon's nap on just Gavin. I then spend the second part of that on housework and/or "ME" time, given Gavin cooperates and goes down for a nap. Here are a few pics from Gavins playtime.

He Loves to give Mommy KissesThis is the day I discovered he could sit on his own. Not for very long, but long enough to shock his momma!
He loves his little toes, and so do IWe have so much fun together. Just me and my boy. He is one of the happiest little boys you will ever meet. There is never a shortage of smiles or kisses with him. He will be 5 months this week. CRAZY. I really don't know where the time went, but I want it to slow down. Please.

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Natalee said...

Wait til you have THREE! There is never enough time!

Gavin is seriously so adorable. I love his squishy lips and gorgeous baby blues!!

OH! I almost forgot! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that mickey blankey! Where did you get it. I just can't get enough mickey stuff for my kiddos. We LOVE character EVERYTHING around here!