Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Midnight Snack

It's past 11 before I even decide im ready for bed. I know Gavin will be up soon to eat so I better try to catch some z's. I'm flooded with all the to-do's of tomorrow and can't seem to lay those to rest so I toss and turn. After about 30 mins I hear the familiar grunts from my little one that means he is struggling to roll over even though he is swaddled. He always succeeds. I get up a little quicker tonight to stand by his crib and watch him. He looks like a fish outta water. I scoop him up and we head to the couch. He brings a peace with him as we nestle in the couch so cozy for his midnight snack. My thoughts turn from the to-do's of tomorrow to a flood of thanks for this precious gift. Sleeping through the night is a luxury, yet I wouldn't have it any other way..(disclaimer..tonight)... :) I get this incredible one on one time with my baby boy. Tonight I just couldn't stop staring at him, how beautiful he was, too tired to even open his eyes. I prayed for him, his future. Landon and Matt too of course. Matt's safety, his strength, as the leader of our family. How great a job he does. Landon; oh Landon. What a man he will become. I am so thankful for Gavin's midnight snacks, a time to put to rest the things that are not important and focus on what is.

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