Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friends.. Buddies.. Pals.. Amigos..

The kids and I have amazing friends. It is so cool to watch my son build little friendships at such a young age. He loves all the kids in our playgroup, but he does have a few favorites. The other day he had a few of his favorites over to play. It works out good because we do a switch off with another couple where we watch their kids for date night and the next week they will watch ours so Matt and I can have some time together. I would totally recommend this! Landon has the best time with Blake and Bella. Landon does have a little crush on Bella too.. I think she thinks hes pretty cute too. :)
After they played and played and played out back it was time for dinner. This was pretty funny watching 3 toddlers go at a big bowl of spaghetti. They all had such different techniques.
Landon, of course, was the dive right in, get as messy as possible, don't hold back kind of eater.

Bella was the double fisting, 2 at a time, noodle eater. She may be tiny, but man she can put food away just like the boys.
Blake on the other hand, haha, was the solo noodle, stay as clean as possible eater.

Oh! and if you were wondering, Gavin was there too. Kickin' back, chill, like always!

He has style!
Gavin is still just hanging out!

After dinner they got popsicles. Gotta love this time change and cali weather!
After spaghetti, one popsicle, two popsicles, and lots of dirt, sand and outside fun, it was BATH TIME!

So thankful for Landon's little friends, and of course their parents! Next week Landon can go cause trouble over at their house while Matt and I enjoy alone time.
(and of course Gavin will be there watching, waiting, wanting to be a part of the action)

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