Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 Months Young

The Gavinator is five months. Does it make you tear up? I would have to say that I have seen a HUGE change in him in the last week or so. My sweet, calm, chill, kick back baby has been transformed. He is still sweet, calm for the most part, but he has made it clear that he will not be left behind by his brother. He will meet him half way.. and then try to take over.

Yes, its true, Landon does get jealous from time to time.. but for the most part he is protective and so loving toward his baby bro. One of the changes that is blossoming with Gavin is his interaction with toys. He gets soooo excited to PLAY. Really play. He wants to get to things. He is eager. He is determined. He is curious. He has fun.

Another newby is his want for food. He cannot wait! His mouth gets going, his feet get kicking and his hands are a reachin'. Momma's mean though and is holding off for another month. Sorry Gavin, you will have to wait a little longer. Take a lesson in patience my son. Sooo how does a mom do it all? Shower? Get dressed? Do hair and makeup? Well the play mat of course! I put Gavin down to play and I go get ready as quick as possible. This particular morning, I put Gavin down while Landon was in his high chair eating his breakfast.. to my surprise I came back out to find this.... How??? What?? DID I MISS HIM CRAWL FOR THE FIRST TIME???? No, he is not crawling, scooting yes, very slowly, but he gets to where he wants to go. Put the little tiny toys away and keep the vaccuum plugged in. We have a MOVER!

He LOVES LOVES LOVES the johnny jumper. You know, the thing they sit in that hangs from the doorway. He jumps like a freakin' kangaroo.. a very silly, smiley, giggly kangaroo.

He also LOVES to see his brother cry. HAHAHHA it is the funniest thing when Landon is throwing a fit and being ridiculous.. to watch Gavin crack up! OOHH can you say instigater?

Gavin currently sleeps in incriments of every 2-4 hours at night. Its getting better. Progress is all I ask for.

He loves to be on his tummy.

He of course loves his mommy.

He doesn't like when Landon ROOOAARRSS in his face

He loves TV. Bad I know.. but he won't look away.

I think teething is underway... but it is never ending so I hope not.

He is still soo skinny. In 3-6 month clothes, but still fits in a lot of 0-3 stuff.

He's still Bald.

He Loves to talk.

I haven't dropped him yet.

He fights being buckled into the carseat.

He's the most AMAZING boy.. under 1. Landon has the Over 1 slot on lockdown!

Love you Gavin John!

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