Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fingerprints Youth Museum

When I got pregnant with Landon I was working full time. We had a decision to make, whether I continue working, find a part time job, or be a stay at home mom. So Matt and I talked and we both thought it was important for me to be at home with them, at least before they start school. I am so glad we decided on this, and that I am fortunate enough to be able to do this. Because my husband works so hard, I am able to take Landon (and Gavin) to do fun stuff. Today we went with some of my mom's group to the Fingerprints Youth Museum out in Hemet. It was so much fun. He went with his friends Baylee and Valentina.
There was a rock wall they could climb
Landon's favorite was of course the Police Motorcycles.

They had an ambulance..

..and a police car..
I thought it was funny, because when he first saw the police car he ran to it and jumped in the back seat.. I hope that is never a reality.. stay in the driver's seat Landon!

Landon liked this boat. His favorite show right now is Little Bear and they do a lot of fishing. He kept saying "catch fish.. Little Bear.." It was so cute!

Hello! Its me LANDON!

He also LOVED the pretend kitchen. I was surprised! He even made his mom some eggs.

and if you were wondering, Gavin was there too, I promise.

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