Friday, August 5, 2011


Like, Oh my Gosh.

I think I might be getting old.


When you go to a party that celebrates the decade you were born you must be right?

No, duh!

Like are people gonna go to 00' parties.

Like what would that even be?


maybe its just cause the 80s is gnarly.


Breakfast Club..

I mean whats better than that?

Like, Im sure.


So I love girl nights out.

Like, Oh my gosh.

Its obvious.

I have so much fun with my girls.

They love me even when I make a fool of myself.

Which happens more often then youd think.

But we have fun.

For sure.

I like totally love these ladies.

Was Ross around in the 80s?

I think it must of been.

Thats where we found our awesome outfits.

They had a full on 80s wardrobe.

Dont try thrift store shopping.

We did.

Waste of time and SUPER expensive in comparison.

Who woulda thought?

Apparantly the 80s screams YELLOW

We love us some blue eyeshadow

Just the 3 of us.. Me, Venus and the Bow

Yes, the bow is its own person

Our dance moves are totally rad.
You can hate on us,
but don't hate on the 80s.
Maybe we should just stay in the 2000's.

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