Friday, August 19, 2011

Life in a Bag

As I was waiting for Cam to get outta school,

(Cam is the little boy I babysit)

I had some free time.

My purse has everything...

yet I can never find what I need

when I need it.

Matt always tells me to clean it out,


EVERYTHING in it is a necessity.

Its my life that is carried with me from place to place.

Im not a purse matcher with the outfit kinda girl.

Im a throw as much crap (valuable commodities)

in it as it can hold.

So heres the breakdown:


You never know when and where a fire needs to be started.

I dare you to mess with me or my kids.

Oh you need to roast a marshmellow?

I got you covered.

Your bathroom has a weird questionable smell.

Do not fear.

Im telling you I got your back.


This is just one of those "look like I got it together" items.

Yeah, I carry sunscreen with me wherever I go.

Yes, I have pasty white children.

No, I have never used this, and my kids have never burned.

But I do look like a good mom who carries sunscreen with them.

Lipgloss, Eyeliner, Earrings:

For the days when I leave the house tight on time.

I can always put these on while going to where I need to go.

Bad Driver?



I think yes.

Checkbook and Pen:

You always need a pen.

Im good at writing checks..


Im not that great at cashing them.

(Sorry Mama F.)


Call it what you wanna call it.

A bribe?



Its there and is my go to in times of need.

Apparently from the looks of it I havent needed it in a while.

But hey, Candy doesnt have an expiration date.

Baby Spoon:

You never when a tiny bowl of ice cream may fall from the sky.


Yes, 1 sock.

No not a pair.

What do I need 1 sock for you ask?

Well it is a great tissue when you are out and have nothing.

Its not that gross.

Or if one foot is cold.

A diaper:

Pretty self explanatory.

Like I said,

Im a prepared mom.


Im not gonna lie,

I do not carry wipes in there.


to my sweet Gavin,

please only pee when were out.


I always have some sort of toys in my purse.

Cause with 2 boys.

That is Life
to them anyways.
And I admit I have played with these a time or two when bored.


Cause we cool like that.

Protects the eyes.


Helps me take pics of random people cause they can't tell if Im looking at them or at my phone.

Very Sneaky like.

I like to categorize the next pic as "fillers"
Junk mail.
After visit summeries.
Tells you where Ive been or where Im headed. So that is my life in a bag.
Just missing the cash mon-ey.
So I guess pretty accurate. :)

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