Monday, August 29, 2011

10 Months

My Baby Boy is 10 months!

He is such a sweet

kind heart

brush it off
kind of kid.

I cannot express how much I love him.

how he is the perfect fit for our family.

How he makes me know that i want more kids.

(and Landon too of course.)

But I can't believe that we will soon be planning a first birthday party.

2 months.


So at 10 Months Gavin is:

Sleeping great.. about 8-630

Eating way too much.

His favs are cheese and spaghetti

Graham Crackers and strawberries.

He has 4 teeth.

He loves to roll cars and balls.

He is taking steps.

Very proud of himself.

He claps even when we don't.

Starting to give his bro a run for his money wrestling.

Climbing like a monkey.
But of course monkeys are only in zoos.

Loves milk.

Talks up a jibberish storm.

Is growing hair.

White hair.

Its gettin long.

Is a baby bully.

Just ask Cullen.

Is a ladies man.

Just ask Payton or Khloe or Sunny or Violet

But most of all

I love how he can

Light up a room with his smile.

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Lucy said...

Oh man, I can't believe he is almost 1!