Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chickens Fly at Midnight

I have some bad days.

Not many, but when I do feel like I can't make it through

my BFF always comes to the rescue.


My Hubbs looked at the phone bill one day and saw how many minutes I used up.

"how do you guys have that much to talk about?"

Well its more of a keep me sane before I lose my mind.

Talk me off this ledge Im on.

Encouraging me to be the best mom I can.

Everyone needs someone like Natalee.

And if you don't have someone like her..

don't you dare try to take her!

We've been through so much together..

important stuff like surviving middle school

and getting over that first crush.

But now that we are moms,

the bond is way more impactful.

It is so cool to have your best friend know EXACTLY what your going through when your baby is teething, or having those sleepless nights, or how exciting it is when they start to crawl.

To be at the same stage with your bff is the best.


or close to..

she was the only one that got me through it..

and surprised me with a visit to cheer me up and make everything better the next day.

It was the perfect day.

The kids had a blast.

It always just goes by so fast.

Thank you Natalee!

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