Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quote of the Week

My little quotes of the week or more like conversations of the week,


start off as normal events or conversations.

I will have to speak on behalf of Gavin, who cannot talk yet,

but I have super hero mom powers

and know what he would say if he could.

So Landon says, "I want to hold Peanut."

I of course let him.

Gavin "says" "please don't let him mom."

Landon LOVES to hold him.

Gavin.. is not the biggest fan of it.


"I want to feed him my boob mom."

as he puts him in feeding position.

Gavin "says," "Yeah, I don't think so buddy!"

and Mom had to second that you little weirdo.

All caught on camera.

Will I ever just get a normal

big brother


lil brother pic??


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