Sunday, June 19, 2011

Its that time again..


I could really do a quote of the hour.

Some funny.

Some weird.

Some uncalled for.

But todays is in honor of Father's Day.

Matt called on the phone from work.. when I saw it was him I told Landon to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY... instead he told him,

"Happy Birthday Daddy!"

Hey its close.

Not too funny, but keeping with the spirit of the day I thought it was appropriate.

Landon's dad ROCKS!

So he painted a rock for his daddy and I had written "Dad Rocks", but of course hes all about doing things on his own and he painted over it.

But Im sure Matt thought it was perfect!

Grandpa got one too!

The answer is Yes, if youre wondering if he is painting with a tooth brush. We work with what we got!

You can always tell which ones Landon does.. cause they look the best of course!

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