Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can Landon do anything normal??

He doesn't even sleep normal.

Am I normal?

Does he look like Matt but get his un-normalness from me?


What am I talking about?

I AM comletely normal.
I promise.. just don't ask close relatives.. cause what do they know?

Anyways.. Landon starts off like any normal little boy.

In HIS bed on a pillow laying vertically.

Well I guess that would be of the "norm"

Most nights he sleeps in his bed all night.

But the others..


Well I either hear screams where hes having night terrors.. (so sad)


he has nightmares and wakes up calling for me.

See a NORMAL pic of him sleeping in his bed.

Then those nightmare nights turn into him getting into bed with us and snuggling up.. this is a pic with daddy.. but usually hes with me. So sometimes.. my little boy starts talking to me.. and like we have conversations.. then Ill look at him and he is passed out.


We have a SLEEP TALKER!Mom?


I....................... Love................. (dramatic pause)......... Daddy.

Uh ok... dagger to the heart son. Haha.

Last nights was a little out of the ordinary.



I want an icee.


I want an icee.

He told me repeatedly how he wanted an icee. So random.

How come you can't even sleep normal Landon?

You make life an adventure and I love every minute of it!

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