Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let the tests begin..

So we had Gavins first appt. with his peds GI last Friday.

It went ok.

I'm not gonna lie.

It was tough.

I was expecting to leave with answers.

I don't know why. I knew he would have to go through testing, but for some reason you think theyre gonna tell you your baby is fine. The doctor checked Gavin out, asked a lot of questions and then ordered some blood work and stool samples. We went downstairs to the basement to get the blood drawn. Poor Gavin. I was so grateful Matt was there to be my rock. He held Gavin.. or more like pinned Gavin down so they could draw his blood. It was not a normal scream. I felt like he was screaming for me to come save him and there was nothing I could do. 6 viles. Not even 1 down. I had to leave the room. They couldn't get his blood to flow, so the lady was wiggling the needle around. She switched arms. Nothing. Went back to the other side. It was barely a drip. It took FOREVER. Gavin screamed the entire time. I wished I could have done it for him.

That part is over now.

On to the poop collecting.

He is such a trooper.

He gave smiles to all the doctors and nurses.. minus the blood drawer.. understandably. Now we wait and pray for some good news.

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