Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Facebook - in my opinion -

I love Facebook.

I love to reconnect with people.

I love to see pics of how people have changed and families have grown.


I don't love how people feel the need to give us a play by play of their day.

I don't care that much about what you are doing.

I could settle for a re-cap of your day.

I don't like to hide people.

But sometimes you just have to.


do people abuse the Check-in.

"getting gas -- @arco"


1) We (yes, Im speaking for you too) could care less that your stopping for gas

2) We don't care what gas station you choose.


"driving --on 10 freeway."

"now -- on 215 freeway."


Are you begging for a stalker?


when people post pics of themselves where you know they think they look cute..

but then on the captions say something like,

"going to take my geometry test then go down to starbucks."


just say "I think i look freaking cute and don't need an excuse to post this."

I would respect you more.


If I don't accept you farmville request the first 5 times,

chances are im not going to the next 50 times.

So please stop sending those.

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