Monday, September 26, 2011


If you are an animal rights activist
you may want to pass over this post.
I was young.
And Stupid.
But always looking to make more money.
I never hooked.
So I guess I kept my morals.
But one night I had a dream.
No seriously, its true.
So I woke up the next morning,
my bbf and I went on down to the local wal-mart
and bought fish.
Lots of fish.
Some fish are really expensive.
So we had to make this a money making experience.
We called some friends over,
took them in my room,
which was filled with all the clear bowls and cups I could find,
and had them pick a fish and put $5 on it.

 Then one by one they were eliminated,
either death by fish,
or because they were from wal-mart,
but one by one,
they dropped dead.
The last two winners
from bracket A
and B
were two Bettas.
They went head to head...

and there was one winner.
Yep, our first (and last) fish fight was a success,
but we were left with several dead fish.
Wal-mart had a fish policy,
to return any dead fish that happened within 48 hours,
so thats what my BFF did.
I didn't have the guts to go inside,
so I patiently waited in the car.
She said,
"the lady looked at her,
and said..
and ALL the fish died?
She opened the thermos that we brought them in,
and she said ugh close that I will give you all the money back.
Promise me to throw that thing away.
So yes, I still come up with money making ideas,
however I have matured and promise that no animal will ever be hurt in one of them ever again!
We did make a good profit for 2 stupid teens.

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