Friday, September 30, 2011

11 Month Maniac

In less than one month my baby will turn one.
Im torn.
Im excited for how much he has grown,
morphed into this crazy, energetic fun loving little boy,
leaving behind his baby face,
his need for momma every moment,
his dependency.
But heading full force at the world before him.
He has learned that he likes some things more than others.
He has learned that he can fight back.
He has learned to perfect the "tantrum"
He knows how to push buttons.
He has a strong will.
He will go far.

At 11 Months Gav's...
Has 4 teeth.. with one BIG gap!
Is still not a walker, but can walk long distances with ease.
Has had his first haircut, and looks freakin cute!
LOVES Mickey Mouse
Likes to try to put on our shoes.
Grunts for everything
Waves his hands in the air when he wants anything or is talking about something
Likes to pretend to talk on the phone
Has a temper
Likes to throw stuff
Likes to dance
and Sing
and play in toilet water
and the cupboards
and drawers
and trashcan
and anything else we say no to..
it makes it that much funner.
He thinks hes funny
and he kinda is.
Has fallen down stairs
Loves to play with the gum ball machine
Is getting some chunk on him
hes pretty great and I can't wait to see how much one month makes on him.

His buddies.

Happy 11 months to my baby.

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